Amazing Natural Mineral Water

Durango Hot Springs waters are rich in healing minerals, especially those most beneficial for muscle pain, arthritis, inflammation, anemia, skin problems, and anti-aging. The natural mineral water is particularly rich in iron which has major immune boosting effects and sulfate which is excellent for detoxification, hormonal regulation, and anti-aging. Sulfate combines with many other minerals present to create a variety of healing compounds and may also increase the rate at which other minerals are absorbed through the skin. The presence of silica and silicon adds to the anti-aging quality of the water by increasing elasticity and moisture retention in the skin and stimulates healthy hair and nail growth.  Iron, sulfate, silica, and silicon have all been used as treatments for skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne. The sodium and calcium content may be particularly helpful for arthritis and muscular pain/cramping. The most healing component of soaking may be the heat in combination with the mineral content. Heat increases circulation and blood flow, reduces inflammation, increases relaxation, and can be incredibly soothing for painful muscles and joints.

Alkalinity 850 mg/l

Benefits:  relieve upset stomachs, headaches, and stomach/intestinal inflammation. Helps with digestion. alkaline waters are ideal for sufferers of gout and rheumatism.

Magnesium 40.4 mg/l

Benefits: Muscle and nerve strength, heart rhythm and blood pressure regulation, cardiovascular disease prevention, and aids in metabolization of glucose (particularly helpful for diabetics). May help relieve hormonal imbalances, muscle cramps, migraines, and anxiety/depressive disorders. 

Sodium 525 mg/l

Benefits: relaxes stiff muscles/joints; relief for rheumatological disorders and psoriasis. Sodium also increases buoyancy which may play a role in the relief of arthritic and muscular pain.

Silica 81.2 mg/l

Benefits: increases bone density and strength; aids in collagen production for healthy skin, hair, and nails; strengthen heart and immune system function by lowering cholesterol and inflammation. soften and relieve dry irritated skin.  Used in treatment of acne and healthy hair. 

Fluoride 2.84 mg/l

Benefits: Helps maintain bone elasticity, strengthens enamel, and helps prevent tooth decay.  Easily absorbed through the skin at a rate as high as 90%

Silicon 38 mg/l

Benefits:  anti-aging properties stimulate growth of healthy hair, nails, skin, and connective tissue, strengthens bones, heart and brain disease prevention, promotes healthy brain function  

Manganese .086 mg/l

Benefits: aids in bone density, wound healing, enzyme and antioxidant production reducing disease risk, lowers inflammation, assists brain function, blood sugar regulation especially for insulin production. Used to help treat diabetes, psoriasis, osteoporosis, and epilepsy 

Lithium 1.36 mg/l

Benefits: Essential for brain health, promotes neurogenesis (formation of new brain cells), mental stabilization (calming effect), and neurodegenerative disease prevention such as dementia.

Potassium 45.2 mg/l

Benefits: Strengthens nerve signal transmission, relieves muscular pain/cramps, blood pressure and heart rhythm regulation, and accelerates healing of dermal injuries (cuts, burns, bruises, etc.). 

Calcium 487 mg/l

Benefits: Bone/tooth health, heart rhythm regulation, nerve function and communication, foot and leg cramps, and osteoporosis prevention in women.

Chloride 247 mg/l

Benefits: Maintains electrolyte and pH balance, responsible for the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach (protein digestive), aids in detoxification, and electrical signaling of muscles and nerves

Sulfate 1250 mg/l

Benefits: Essential for protein production in muscles, joints, and brain tissue; detoxifies and flushes waste from the body; hormone regulation; promotes healthy hair, nails, and connective tissue.  Easily penetrates skin and can lead to increased absorption of other minerals

Iron 4.03 mg/l

Benefits: Improves skin tone, bolsters hemoglobin production, increases disease prevention, and prevents fatigue. Studies show that transdermal absorption of iron may be an effective treatment for anemia

Lower occuring minerals



Total Phosphate



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