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Massage Therapist

Christine has worked as a massage therapist for the past fourteen years. In addition to performing Swedish and deep tissue massage, she has studied various subtle modalities, including light touch acupressure, craniosacral therapy and Reiki. Most of her massages incorporate a blend of techniques and are relaxing as well as therapeutic. 



Massage Therapist

Rachel has been with the springs for much of her 15 years as a full-time massage therapist. Rachel describes her style as firm, but gentle. The majority of her education falls into deep tissue and Swedish, but due to her continuing education efforts, expands into many directions. Her practices have covered a broad spectrum, from spas to sports rehab, and she enjoys working on all body types. Her approach is an integrated combination of a well-stocked bag of tricks – tailored for each individual’s needs. Her gift lies in an ability to diagnose the body’s unrest and help her clients recover their fullest potential by whatever means it takes, such as recommending a particular treatment, style, technique, or even another therapist! Her experience with therapeutic bodywork has included counseling, but often just listening to what you and your body tell her. Referring to her vast history of experience with injury recovery, from sports medicine on NFL players to ankle sprains on your more average person, Rachel says, “I enjoy rehab of all kinds from surgery to motor vehicle accidents. I also have spent oodles of time working with pregnant women in every trimester. I am comfortable and well skilled in prenatal care of all kinds. I love to help people with their relationship with their body. I feel good health is paramount in personal happiness and freedom. Massage is always a step in the right direction for physical and mental balance.



Massage Therapist

Kristen joined the Springs family in May of 2011, having just relocated from Ankeny, Iowa. She received her education and training at The Iowa College of Natural Health and graduated in 2005. She specializes in deep tissue massage while using a cross-fiber friction approach and trigger point therapy to help relieve acute and chronic pain. She also offers Swedish massage, reflexology, prenatal massage, shiatsu, hot stone, and sports massage. Kristen has great compassion towards her work and loves helping her clients feel better and achieve their fitness goals. She looks forward to meeting new people and helping her clients feel great!

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Massage Therapist 

Edward has maintained a massage therapy practice in Durango since returning to the area in 2013, and continues more than a decade in his practice which began in Austin, Texas. He provides thorough, intuitive, systemically effective massage sessions in the relaxing setting here at Trimble Spa — where, he believes is a truly healing environment — and absolutely loves being a member of the Trimble Hot Springs family.

Edward’s specialized bodywork style is deeply rooted in Asian and Sports methods. He has developed acumen for assessment and bringing together a variety of proven techniques to address a wide range of individuals’ needs. He views his relationship with his clients as a partnership in health, empowering them through thorough massage, effective stress reduction, structural balance, full-body resting and movement techniques, lifestyle assessment, education and guidance.

Edward’s background is rich in health care exposure having been an Army medic for most of his 12 years of service. Adding to his understanding of healing work were both his dad, a physician, and his mom, a nurse, for whom he attributes his passion.

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Massage Therapist

​Tina studied at Rocky Mountain Institute of The Healing Arts in 2004 and NM Institute of Healing Arts in 2005.  She has 15 years of experience.  She Specializes in Neuromuscular therapy, La Stone and Hot Stone therapy, Deep tissue Massage, Myofacial release, Swedish Massage, Reflexology and Reiki. Her "Goal" is to provide therapeutic techniques to connect mind body spirit to optimal health and wellness for each client.



Massage Therapist

Cheryl received her education here in Durango at The South West School Of Massage in 2003. In a study of Therapeutic Massage. Coming from years of working in the health food industry seemed like the perfect fit to share her knowledge of the importance of self-care. She uses a combination of Swedish and deep tissue for healing,relaxation and balance. Her mantra "Massage is Good Medicine."



Massage Therapist

I moved to Durango in March of 2019.  I had been residing in Telluride and Norwood Colorado for 42 years.  Six of those years were spent massaging at two different chiropractic clinics,  freelancing, and working in my private studio as well as 3 spas.  A temporary three year move to Boulder and Longmont Colorado  involved my developing two thriving private massage studios.


The Connecting Point School of Massage, a state-certified school in Telluride, is where I obtained my certificate (April 8th, 2004).  The teachings focused on Swedish massage, anatomy, physiology, and several different modalities. 


Swedish massage is the basis of my treatment.  It begins with effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration, tapotemont, and passive rotations.  Advanced techniques are incorporated and include trigger-point release, forearm and elbow methods, connective-tissue work, reflexology on feet and hands (specific points that are reflective to related parts of the body), Reiki (ancient healing art that incorporates with the energy flow throughout the body), sports massage, deep tissue work when required in a few areas,  Lomi-Lomi, and hot towel applications.   The use of hot stones for warming and relaxation of the body’s tissue and over all deep tissue can be requested when making your appointment. 


For over 45 years I have been receiving massage to enhance my wellbeing.


My intention as a massage therapist at Durango Hot Springs is to give a  massage to YOU that will benefit your overall health and leave you feeling relaxed, renewed, and guided towards a more vibrant life!

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