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Durango Hot Springs are unique because they are the only naturally heated waters available publicly in the Animas Valley just north of Durango. The waters in our therapy pools are made rich in minerals as they percolate through the well-heated volcanic fissures.

Durango Hot Springs are primarily calcium bicarbonate waters with sodium and iron and several other minerals in lesser amounts. Trimble waters, which once originally rose to the surface, now come from three shallow wells with water temperatures of about 123 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therapy pool temperatures vary within a range of 100 – 110. The Community Pool ranges from 100-104 degrees and the Half-Moon Pool reaches up to 110 degrees. Temperatures are controlled by volume of water pumped and Mother Nature does the rest. Our pools are clarified by aeration and sand filters. No chemicals are added to the therapy pools.


Mineral water has long been thought of as healthful to bathe in, and naturally occurring hot springs like Trimble’s have been used literally for millennia for their therapeutic effects.

It is sometimes said that mineral-rich hot springs can increase metabolism, accelerate healing, soothe muscles, improve blood circulation and detoxify the body’s lymphatic system. It is also said that soaking in hot spring waters allows minerals be absorbed by the body cells. This may fight the effects of fatigue, insomnia, edema, poor circulation, repressed immune system and even arthritis. The hot therapy water can help to improve blood circulation, as well as relax muscles.

Most people who visit our hot springs enjoy the big, naturally heated pools where they can stretch out and relax. The warm temperatures are great for relaxing muscles and for generating an overall feeling of well-being … right down to the marrow!